Vintage Food Corp (established in 1992 by Levent Demirgil) is the leading importer/wholesaler/producer/distributor of Turkish Specialty Food Products in North America. Our mission is to market and deliver high quality specialty food products to our customers with exceptional service. Our company’s main focus is to understand our clients and their needs. We understand that it takes time, requires continuous effort and sincerity to build long-term partnership with our clients.

Vintage Food Corp is currently reaching directly over 3800 food retailers/local wholesalers/food services and additional 2000 food establishments via local wholesalers/distributors in USA and Canada. Our new warehouse is 148,000 sq.ft with a 36,000 sq.ft cooler/freezer area and a parking capacity of 60 containers. Our fleet includes 5 full-container trailers, 6 large delivery trucks and 2 vans, all refrigerated.

Vintage’s sales team consists of 20 dynamic, self-motivated team members that have strong product knowledge, focus and service oriented approach. The team’s main focus is to get to know the customers, understand their needs and find the right brands/products for their retail/food service locations rather than order-taking and/or forceful sales techniques. Our team leaders act as bridge that allows trends, industry related information flow consistently to the members of the team. Vintage, as a whole organization understands that providing excellent service cannot be done by individuals but instead with the equal contribution of all units (purchasing, logistic, sales, marketing, management, accounting, delivery and so forth).

Our Local Sales Team is based in NJ, serving New York, New Jersey area. In addition, we have a client service team that serves out-of-state clients at Vintage corporate offices via phone/email. Our National Sales Team covers main regions of the nation, East Coast (based in Boston), Midwest (based in Chicago), South (based in Florida), West (based in LA) by finding the right local wholesalers, distributors and handling key accounts.

Vintage delivers orders daily in New York, New Jersey area.

Vintage trucks are scheduled for deliveries

weekly for East Coast,

bi-weekly for Midwest/South

monthly for West Cost
to provide consistency in supply chain.

In addition, Vintage offers “cash-carry” services for New York, New Jersey area. Upon client request, Vintage suggests other trucking options and makes necessary arrangements.

Vintage carries over 2000 sku’s in all major food categories

Cookies/Confectionary/Chocolate – Leading Brands Ulker, Elit, Tayas

Dairy – Leading Brands Ulker Icim, Yorsan, Merve (our own brand)

Meat Products – Leading Brand Merve

Olives/Pickles – Leading Brands Marmarabirlik, Tamek, Berrak, Kosk

Olive Oil – Leading Brand Marmarabirlik

Canned/Jar Food – Leading Brands Tamek, Penguen

Herbs/Spice – Leading Brands Basak, Capadokia, Knorr

Jams/Spreads – Leading Brands Tamek, Penguen

Tomato/Pepper Paste – Leading Brands Tamek, Mis

Grains – Leading Brand Reis, Leziz

Carbonated and Soft Drinks – Uludag, Sarikiz

Nuts – Leading Brand Tadim

Turkish Coffee  Leading Brand Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi

Tea – Leading Brands Caykur, Dogadan

Turkish Delight  Leading Brands Hazerbaba, Hodja

Bakery  Leading Brands Ege Kadayif, Kral, Antepli

and many more such as Dried Fruits, Soups, Juices